4 Different Types Of Pool Exercise Equipment To Help You Get A Better Workout

20 February 2015
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If you have access to a swimming pool and enjoy working out, you should move your exercise routine into the pool for some variety. Exercising in a pool is easier on your joints and you can use the water's resistance to work two opposing muscles at the same time. Here are four different types of exercise equipment that you can use in the pool for a variety of workouts.

Pool Noodle

If your pool exercise equipment budget is tight, then look for a pool noodle to help you in your workout. During the summer, you can find pool noodles at a swimming pool supply store and they are usually very affordable. You can use it several different ways to work different parts of your body.

Hold the pool noodle in front of you with both hands and push the noodle straight down into the water. As you push the noodle down into the water, extend your body out in a plank formation and try to keep it rigid as you hold the noodle down underneath you. This exercise is a great way to work many areas of your body, especially your core muscles and arms.

A second way to use a pool noodle for exercise is to straddle the noodle so the noodle suspends you in the water, with one leg on each side. Holding your body upright, use your arms and legs to paddle around the pool without leaning forward or backwards. This will help strengthen your core muscles as well as your arms and legs.

Inflatable Ball

An inexpensive inflated ball can be used in several ways to exercise in a pool. To work your core muscles and your arms, hold the ball in both hands in front of you, keeping the ball submerged. Rotate slowly to move the ball from side to side in the water in front of you. You can position your legs in a lunge formation, with one in front of the other as you do this exercise.

You can also push the ball in front of you under the water as you float on the surface of the pool. As you hold the ball with both hands, push the ball down into the water until it reaches your thighs. Repeat this movement for twenty to thirty seconds.

Swim Tether

This simple piece of swim equipment allows you to paddle and practice all your swim strokes while staying in one spot. You can use it to swim "laps" in even a small pool because you don't need a large area to swim. The swim tether attaches onto the side of the pool and around your waist while you use its resistance to get a good swim workout. 

A swim tether is also portable, so if you want to take it on vacation with you, you can still get a swimming workout in without needing to use the full length of the pool.

Aquatic Treadmill 

Jogging in waist-deep pool water can help you burn up to 17 calories per minute, which is more than you burn during regular jogging. Because you are doing the movement underwater, the water's buoyancy greatly reduces the impact on your knees and other joints. This feature makes water jogging a great way to exercise if you have any arthritis or injuries preventing you from doing regular non-water exercises.

With an aquatic treadmill set on the bottom of your pool, you can jog or walk on different incline settings to increase the caloric burn.

These four different types of equipment vary in price but can each give you a great pool workout. Be sure to drink plenty of water during your water exercise because you can still become dehydrated even though you are exercising in the water.