Best Heating And Cooling Options For Different Climates

9 June 2015
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Where you live plays a big role in what heating and cooling options are best for your home. Warmer climates need more power to successfully cool the home, while homes in cooler climates must focus on providing heat. Check out these three common types of climates and which heating and cooling options work best.

Hot and Sunny Climates

When you live in a very hot area, your big concern is keeping cool, especially during the hottest months of the year. Central air conditioning is the best way to do this. Central air is the most effective way to cool your entire home and keep a consistent temperature throughout every room. On the downside, however, central units use the most energy and cause your energy bills to rise. One way to offset these costs is by installing solar panels. Hot climates are usually sunny, so you can use solar panels to convert the sun's free energy into electricity.   

When it comes to staying warm during the cooler months, a heat pump is a great idea if you live in a warmer climate. Heat pumps pull cold air out of the home and pump warm air into the home. A heat pump doesn't create heat with hot water or a heating element, so it's not as effective as a furnace, but they are cheap to run and usually offer enough heat in hot climates.

Cold Climates

On the flip side, if you live in a climate that gets extremely cold, you should be more focused on keeping warm. One excellent option for heating your home in a cold climate is a traditional gas or electric furnace. They are effective at quickly heating your home even in the coldest months. Gas furnaces are more effective at heating and cost less to run, but electric furnaces cost less to install. Another option in cold climates is radiant heating. This method uses liquid-filled tubes that sit in your floor. It's extremely efficient and saves energy, but radiant heat is cooler than heat from a furnace.

If you need something to cool your home when it gets warmer, your best bet is a portable or window A/C unit. These units are inexpensive and easy to install. You can install them in a few of the rooms you use most often, such as your bedroom to keep you comfortable. They don't cost much to run, but they aren't as efficient as central air, they only cool one room, and they tend to be loud.

Mild Climates

If you live in a mild climate that doesn't see particularly hot summers or bitterly cold winters, your best option is the aforementioned heat pump. You know how a heat pump warms your house, but a heat pump can cool your home as well. This makes it the perfect all-in-one solution for heating and cooling. They don't work as well as other options, but if you live in a mild climate, the heating and cooling results should be perfect.

A heat pump will probably be great for most of the year, but you may still want backups because you never know when the temperature may suddenly move to record highs or lows. Portable/window air-conditioning units and room heaters are a great option, but many homeowners choose to install traditional furnaces to use whenever the temperature gets too cold.

If you're thinking about replacing your current heating or cooling systems, remember to consider the climate in which you live. It can play a major role in the effectiveness of your system. For more information about heating and cooling options, contact a provider in your area and discuss the best options for you. 

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