4 Ways To Clean Your Smelly Garbage Disposal

28 July 2015
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Your garbage disposal makes getting rid of old food and bits of debris that much easier. Just a quick toss into the depths of the sink drain and you'll never have to worry about your garbage again. Well, that's not entirely true. Like every other part of your house, your garbage disposal demands that you clean it. A garbage disposal without a good cleaning every now and again smells – well, it doesn't smell nice. Cleaning your garbage disposal seems like a hassle, though it need not be at all. Throughout the course of this brief article, you'll learn 4 ways that you can easily clean that beast of a machine. Onward!


The power of citrus is indeed strong on a garbage disposal. This method is particularly effective if citrus is in season and you live somewhere with a prominent citrus growing industry (such as the southeast in the United States). After finishing up your citrus treats, such as an orange, mango or grapefruit, put the peels down the garbage disposal with a bit of water. Citrus fruits, being strong in acid, actually act a strong cleaning agent and can serve to dissolve debris and gunk off of your disposal's blades. In addition, citrus fruits have a nice smelling and strong odor that can easily counter the pungency of a garbage disposal.

Ice Cubes and Water

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to both clean and de-funkify your stinky garbage disposal. Turn on your sink and let it run for a bit into the garbage disposal. Then, turn on the garbage disposal. With a few ice cubes in hand, toss them down the running garbage disposal with the sink still running. The ice will serve to aggressively remove any food particles that are causing your garbage disposal to be dirty and stink up your kitchen, while the running water of the sink will act as a rinsing agent, making sure that the food particles and bits of debris are washed down the drain of the garbage disposal.

The Volcano Method

This method should remind you of being in 5th grade. Vinegar and baking soda is the perfect combo for neutralizing the smell of your garbage disposal all the while acting as a cleaning agent for the disposal, as well. By mixing vinegar and baking soda, you will receive a foamy effect. This is often used in grade school and junior high science classes to simulate combustion, as well as look a bit like a volcano! This is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to make sure that your garbage disposal is nice and clean and also doesn't make your kitchen smell like a garbage dump.


This method definitely isn't for everyone. There are a good amount of people who find the toxins in bleach a bit unnerving, and there is also an almost equal amount of people who find the smell of bleach so overpowering that they would rather deal with the pungent odor of their garbage disposal. For those who have no qualms, it should be noted that bleach is an unrivaled cleaning agent for debris that cases smelly odors. It can get rid of all sorts of grimes, bacteria and even viruses that are present on any number of surfaces. You'll have to pick and choose your battles with this one.

Your garbage disposal can be ground zero for smelling a bit like a garbage dump, but luckily there are a few surefire methods that can get rid of that stench and act as a Grade A quality cleaning agent, as well. If you have tried all the above methods to clean your garbage disposal and are still noticing smells wafting from your disposal, you might have a more serious problem. Built-up gunk, leaks, and broken down pipes can also cause smells in your disposal. Contact a plumber to have your sink inspected if the above methods fail in order to keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh once and for all or visit a site like http://www.cblucashvac.com