Tips For Securing Your Sliding Doors

2 September 2015
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A sliding glass door is a great choice for accessing your patio. Sliding doors create a wide doorway, and the large glass panels let lots of light in. If you do opt for these types of doors, though, you need to make sure that you're focusing on safety. Here's a look at some of the things that you should consider to keep your home safe without giving up the open glass of your sliding doors.

Install Them Properly

When you have sliding glass doors installed, they should always be placed with the stationary door on the outer track. That way, the part of the door that moves stays inside the house where it's safer. This also keeps the built-in lock on the inside of the door. If you buy a home with the doors already installed and they are backward, you can lift them off the track and turn them around.

Incorporate a Barrel Lock

A barrel lock is a great feature for sliding doors, because the bolt prevents the door from opening beyond where the bolt is installed. You'll want to put it into the door track before you install the door, though. Mount the barrel lock to the bottom of the sliding glass door. Then drill a hole in the bottom of the door frame so that it's even with the bolt of the barrel lock.

Any time you close the door, you can slide the bolt down into the hole to secure the door so that it cannot open. The bolt used for barrel locks is usually created from hardened steel, so it's strong enough to keep the door from opening.

Add Locking Bars

Locking safety bars fit between the inside edge of the door frame and the inner edge of the sliding door. In most cases, they come with mounting brackets that you place on both the inside edge of the door and the door frame. Then, you secure the bar into the brackets, covering the entire gap between the door and the frame.

The benefit to this bar is that it prevents the sliding door from opening at all, even if it's unlocked. The bars are usually crafted from steel, making them durable enough to last. Not only is this a great security feature for keeping unwanted people out, it's also convenient when you have kids in the house, because it keeps the little ones from getting out without permission.

Fill Spaces With Track Screws

One of the features of sliding glass doors is the ease with which you can lift them off the track. That also makes them a prime target for potential intruders. You can prevent this by adding screws in the door track that are only partially screwed in. By leaving the screw head about a half-inch below the actual door frame, you can block the space enough that you won't be able to lift the door out of the track.

For the best results with this approach, you'll want to use pan head screws, because the head is large enough that it won't get damaged by the door. Slide the door open as far as you can get it, then drill a couple of holes in the top of the door track. Put screws in each hole, leaving them far enough out to close the gap, but not so far out that they hit the door when you try to close it.

With so many unique ways to secure your patio's sliding doors, you can enjoy the glass without giving up a sense of safety. Talk with a local locksmith today about which options may be best in your situation. For more information, see a website such as