Considering A Rekey? 4 Reasons Why You SHOULD Rekey Your House Locks

5 February 2016
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Your house is not only a large financial investment, but it is also an imperative part of your family's shelter and security. In many cases, your home may feel safe and secure, but certain surprising issues may decrease your privacy and increase your risk of theft or intrusions. While investing in a security system and different items for home defense are beneficial, focusing on your door locks is also smart. Since 33.1 percent of all burglaries happen from unlawful entry, or without the use of force to gain entry, rekeying your locks to protect your home and family should become a priority in certain situations. Using this guide, you will understand when to rekey your door locks, protecting your home and family.

Newly-Built Home

If you are one of the many who have bought a new construction home this year, you may need to consider a rekey of your home's locks. The keys to your front, back, or side doors may be in the hands of numerous contractors, since many new home builders make extra sets during the construction phase.

Your builder's real estate agent, subcontractors, office staff, inspectors, and cleaning crew may all have a set of your home's keys. While given to these individuals for a good reason, the keys may still be in their hands even after you close and move into the home.

If you recently bought a new home, consult your builder to determine if extra keys were dispersed. If not, you should still consider rekeying your locks for added reassurance.

Newly-Purchased Home

Of course, if you purchased a home recently from a buyer, you should also rekey the locks. The initial homeowner may hand over their keys to you at closing, but they may have been handed out to others in the past.

Close friends, family members, home cleaners, in-home aids, and neighbors may have also received keys from the owners, so protect your home and yourself by rekeying the locks after closing.

Ending of a Relationship

It may be a key plot point in a romantic comedy or drama, but giving a set of keys to a new boyfriend or girlfriend is the next step in a relationship for many couples. If this new relationship of yours ever goes bad, that set of keys may become a dangerous tool.

When the relationship ends, ask your ex to return the keys promptly. In most cases, they will oblige. However, if your gut sense is telling you your ex may use the keys to scare or harm you, consult law enforcement for advice. Then, rekey all of your home's locks for added security and peace of mind.

Lost or Stolen

While surprising to hear, many people do not realize the importance of losing their keys or having them stolen. By losing the set of keys to your home, the person who finds these keys will have complete access to your home, family, and belongings. If your keys are lost within a handbag or carryall along with your wallet and other personal items, your situation just went from bad to worse.

As soon as you realize your house keys are lost or stolen, hire a professional to rekey every lock in the home. This not only keeps strangers from using your keys to gain entry, but it will also ensure you have a means of getting in and locking up your house again.

Focusing on your home's door locks may not seem like a priority, but it is an important element in your privacy and security. Using this guide, you will understand the need for rekeying your home's locks. 

For more information or assistance with rekeying locks, contact local locksmith services, such as Anderson Lock & Safe, LLC.