Tips For Choosing The Ideal Spot For Your New Horse Barn

31 October 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles


According to the Equestrian Channel, there are around 9.2 million horses living in the United States. You've finally realized a lifelong dream and have purchased a plot of land and want to provide a home for your own horse. However, before you begin hiring a horse barn builder, it is vital to choose the ideal spot. When it comes to finding just the right spot to build your horse barn, you might be surprised at how many variables you must consider. Here are a few invaluable tips to help you choose the best site on your property for your horse barn:

Consider Higher Ground

The next time you walk the property looking for the ideal spot for your horse barn, pay attention to the areas on higher ground. Typically, constructing your barn on a higher spot on your property will be beneficial in many ways. Here are a few reasons why you should stick to higher ground when constructing a horse barn:

  • Drainage – Far and away, one of the most beneficial reasons for choosing a loftier spot on your property is drainage. You can create artificial gully drains to eliminate excess rain water. However, this can become very pricey. Choosing the high ground can help eliminate this expense.
  • Weather conditions – If you live in a cooler climate, constructing a horse barn in a higher spot is a great option because you will get more sun. However, if it is a little windy where you live, choose a spot that is higher and adjacent to a hill, which can provide natural protection from the elements.
  • Security – Finally, one of the best reasons to choose the higher ground is safety. Building the barn on a hill will make it more visible, which can help you keep a close eye on your investment while you are relaxing at home.

A Convenient Location

In addition to choosing a loftier spot on your property, you should also remember to pick a place that is convenient. For example, consider a spot that is adjacent to existing roads and power lines. This will make it much less expensive to create an access road or path to the barn and provide it with the electricity you will need.

Additionally, you should consider picking a location that is near any existing structures you will use on a regular basis, such as a pole shed or a hay barn. This will save you valuable time each day when it's time to feed the horses if you don't have to travel far for your supplies.

Finally, you should also remember to choose a spot that is close to your home, but not so close that you will constantly be confronted with the smells that can emanate from the horses!

Room to Grow

If you're the proud owner or a single horse, or are running a commercial property that is only intended to house a small number of horses, think twice about choosing a spot that is just right to construct a modest barn. Instead, consider your future endeavors and choose and area with room to expand. Remember, just because you only have a small number of horses now, or board one or two horses at a time, it doesn't mean you won't take on a few more of them in the future.

Finding the ideal spot for your new horse barn can be tricky – especially when you consider all the above-mentioned variables. If you're truly stuck and cannot find the ideal location on your own, don't hesitate to contact a professional builder. A professional has the knowledge and equipment available to not only construct you the perfect horse barn, but also find the ideal location that is both safe and convenient.