3 Reasons To Go With Wrought Iron Fencing

24 February 2017
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If you are thinking of putting up a new fence somewhere on your property, you certainly have a wide variety of materials available for you to consider. But while wood, aluminum and even vinyl fencing all have their benefits, if you have not yet considered using wrought iron for this project, here are three reasons why you might want to take it into consideration.

Durable and Long Lasting

Wrought iron fencing is much stronger than other types of common materials like wood or vinyl. Wrought iron also contains a low level of carbon, which greatly increases its durability when compared to regular iron. This means you can expect your wrought iron fence to last for years without encountering too many problems.

It is true that wrought iron fencing can suffer some wear and tear from extended exposure to bad weather, but today's wrought iron fencing manufacturers typically coat their fencing materials with a treatment that will provide protection from the elements, meaning it's likely that you could go for years without having to perform any maintenance on your wrought iron fence.

Unique Design

If you decide to go with wood or vinyl fencing, you are pretty much just going to get one standard fence shape with vertical pickets. But wrought iron fencing is malleable; it can be shaped into an interesting pattern that you won't be able to get using other materials. If you are looking for a strong, sturdy fence but also want to maintain your curbside appeal, wrought iron is the way to go.

Great for Security Purposes

When you are looking for a fence for increased home security, there's a lot to like about wrought iron. While a wood or even vinyl fence can be cut through relatively easily, it's much more difficult to break through wrought iron. Wrought iron fences also can be built with lots of pickets or sharp tops that will provide additional security from someone trying to scale your fence and jump over to the other side.

If you are about to install a new fence on your property, be sure to take a look at the benefits of going with a wrought iron before you make your final decision. Wrought iron is an especially durable material that requires little maintenance when compared to some other fencing materials. It also can provide a great classical look and is one of the best options for a security fence. Reach out to a local fencing contractor, like those at City Wide Fence Co, for more information.