Checking The Plumbing Of A Real Estate Purchase

30 April 2017
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Among the many things on your checklist before buying a real estate purchase, revisiting the plumbing will be important because it helps protect the value of your new home.

Why Get a Plumbing Inspection?

If you find yourself with plumbing problems shortly after the home closing, you will be in a lot of trouble. Often, homes are purchased on an as-is basis and it's up to you to check out the structure and condition of the home before buying. While a general home inspector can turn up some problems with plumbing, a plumbing specialist is the best person to do a thorough evaluation of this aspect of your new home.

What Will the Specialist Look For?

Your plumbing contractor will be sure to look for the most important and expensive plumbing issues: leaks. Leaks may not always be as easy to spot as you think. The leak could start out with a small drip on one of the pipes hidden in your crawl space. But left without a fix, the leak could cause water damage and rack up a cumulatively large water bill. Your plumbing contractor can test how much water is used when the home is not in use; if there is still water being used according to the water meter, there is a problem.

The plumber can also look at the condition of plumbing and spot things like rusting and loose connections. You may want to have those fixed soon after you buy the house so that they don't spring into leaks. The plumber can also test the condition of the plumbing fixtures in the home to tell you whether or not they are efficient. When you have old toilets that use a lot of water per flush, or inefficient showerheads, the additional water usage can add up.

The Final Report

So, once you get a plumbing inspection, what you will be left with is a final report about the risks the home presents. Luckily, bathroom remodels are often necessary, at least on some level, when you buy an older home. And they can be a fun way to make the home your own.

Some things, like leaks, will be necessary fixes. Other things, like inefficient plumbing fixtures, are nice-to-know factors about the home. With your plumbing estimate, you will get a sense of how much plumbing risk is in the home and how much additional money you may need to spend on plumbing-related issues.  With that information in hand, you can sometimes negotiate with the seller about asking price. Or, at least, you will know how much money to set aside for bathroom remodels in the near future.

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