How To Clean Your Glass Shower Doors

15 May 2017
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Glass shower doors are gorgeous, especially frameless shower doors that look a lot more modern and up to date than those older shower doors that slide back and forth on a track. The downside to either of these types of shower doors is cleaning the glass. The glass on your shower can build up with soap scum, mildew/mold and other buildup that can make your glass look unsightly. See below for tips on how to clean your glass shower doors and how to prevent them from excess buildup.

Removing Soap Scum

There are a number of different ways you can remove soap scum from your shower doors. The way you do so, depends on you and your shower. If you have tile in your shower, using vinegar or toilet bowl cleaners can cause damage to your tile, so you'll want to clean your tile with a different type of cleaner than your shower doors. See below for a few different ways to clean your shower doors.

  • Magic Eraser. Scrub your shower doors with a Magic Eraser, rinsing the eraser as needed. When finished, rinse off your shower doors to remove any leftover residue. Then squeegee the doors to help them dry, or use a microfiber cloth.
  • Bar Keepers Friend (powder). Spray your shower doors down to get them wet, then sprinkle the powdered Bar Keepers Friend onto either your doors or on a soft sponge. Scrub away the scum from top to bottom, then rinse thoroughly. 
  • Vinegar/Dish Soap. Combine white vinegar and dish soap (50/50) into a spray bottle. Give it a good shake, then spray onto your doors. Scrub with a soft scrub brush or sponge, then rinse your doors. (Keep this cleaner off of your tile to prevent damage.)
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Spray toilet bowl cleaner onto the glass doors, then scrub the cleaner into your doors, then rinse thoroughly. (Keep this cleaner off of your tile to prevent damage).

Prevention Tips:

  1. ​Keep a squeegee in your shower to dry your doors after showering.
  2. Place a dish detergent scrubber in your shower filled with dish soap to scrub your doors while in the shower.
  3. Switch from bar soap to body wash to prevent harsh soap scum from building up.
  4. Wipe down your doors with a water repellent product to prevent water spots, soap scum and other build up from sticking to your shower doors.
  5. Leave the shower doors open just a little bit to prevent mildew from building up in your shower. Leaving the door open helps air out the shower.

Clean your glass shower doors often to keep your beautiful frameless shower enclosure looking like new.