3 Benefits Of Using Permanent Foundation Micropile Bearing Piles To Restore Your Foundation

7 June 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


One of the most important aspects of any structure is the foundation. This is the base of the entire structure, and it is responsible for supporting the structure. Because of this, you have to make sure that your foundation is composed of materials that will be able to withstand the pressure and will not break down over time. However, even the best foundations may break down over the years because of natural reasons. However, this doesn't mean that your foundation can't be repaired.  One type of foundation repair that you should consider is a permanent foundation with micropile bearing piles. This article will discuss three benefits of using permanent foundation micropile bearing piles to restore your foundation.  

Reinforces Without Damaging 

One good reason to use foundation with micropile bearing piles is because it allows you to fix your foundation without causing any more damage to it. This is done because the micropile is drilled directly into the existing foundation without having to remove it or otherwise damage it or the surrounding structure. Once the micropile is in place in the soil, grout will then be sent down to surround it. The grout will harden and essentially glue the micropile in place. This will stop the current foundation from sinking, or otherwise moving, and will help to secure it into place so that it can fully support the structure that it needs to. 

More Affordable Than Replacement

The cost of replacing an entire foundation, or even a portion of a foundation, can be very pricey. Because of this, most people try to avoid it if at all possible. Using micropiles to reinforce your foundation is a great way to restore the strength and stability to your foundation, without having to pay the cost to have it all removed and then redone. Instead of paying for a great deal of cement to replace the foundation, you will simply need to pay for the micropile and the grout. 

Can Penetrate Most Soils 

While some materials may struggle to penetrate the foundation and into the soil below, a micropile will not. The micropile is made of steel and is going to easily penetrate the ground. Once in place, it then creates the perfect location for the grout to be poured into. This allows you to get as deep as you need to secure the foundation and ensure that it is receiving he proper reinforcements.