Removing Sink Clogs With Only Hot Water And A Plunger

15 June 2017
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There are many tricks that can be used to clean a dirty drain, but one of the most simplistic is to simply use hot water. The force, pressure, and heat can be enough to dislodge the clog. Also, the hot water will not be damaging to your plumbing and costs nothing. However, you will need to know the most effective ways to use hot water to dislodge your clog.

Hot Water Clog Busting Tricks

The hot water should be run through for 15 minutes. Because this method is the simplest and least expensive, it should be tried first. Hot water may not be enough. You may instead need to use boiling water. Simply place water on a pot and bring it to a boil. Then, when the water has reached a boiling point, carry it to the drain and carefully pour it without splashing it. 

Finishing The Job With A Plunger

When you have poured hot water down the drain, you will find it easier to dislodge the drain using tools that you likely already own, such as a plunger. The sink plunger is the best option because it is optimized for plunging sinks. Do not jam the plunger with too much speed. Instead, you will need to create a slow and steady build-up of pressure as a result of steady motions. Even without hot water, this can remove many clogs if done correctly, but combining both methods is the most effective. To make the plunging method even more effective, apply petroleum jelly to the rim of the plunger in order to create a tighter seal to maximize the pressure.

A Note On Accordion Plungers

Do not use the accordion plunger. While these look fancier, they are primarily designed for removing clogs from toilets and will not be as effective when unclogging a sink. Instead, use the standard sink plunger.

Cover The Overflow Vent

Those who use a plunger often wonder why the technique is not working. Often, this is the result of the overflow vent not being covered. If this is exposed, pressure will not be generated and you will not be able to remove the clog. Fortunately, simply placing a rag over the overflow vent can be enough to avoid this issue. 

For very serious clogs, it makes sense to use a drain cleaning service, such as Rapid Rooter Inc. Methods such as the hot water method will only work with clogs created by grease or other contaminants. Clogs that are the result of trapped objects may require you to call the pros.