3 Methods For Protecting The Edges Of Your Home's New Asphalt Driveway

26 July 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


After a new asphalt driveway is paved on your property, you may wonder how you can protect the sharp, exposed edges from cracking and crumbling. If so, consider using one of the following three methods for protecting the edges of your home's new asphalt driveway.

Line the Driveway with Gravel

One way you can protect your driveway's edges is to line them with a thick layer of gravel. The gravel helps protect the exposed edges from pressure when someone drives or steps over them. The small stones also allow water to drain through them, keeping moisture from building up next to the asphalt and deteriorating it.

When lining the driveway with gravel, dig a small trench about an inch or two deep that sits right next to the driveway. Then, fill the trench with gravel until the top is in line with your driveway.

Landscape the Edges with Topsoil and Flowers

If you want a more decorative way to protect the edges of your driveway, do landscaping around them with topsoil and flowers. When the topsoil is even with the top of the driveway, it minimizes its exposure to snow, ice, and rain. Use a high-quality soil that drains well to keep excess water away.

When you plant flowers in the soil next to your driveway, they do more than adding a colorful, decorative touch to the scene. If there are flowers lining your driveway, you and other people will most likely be more careful about driving off the pavement and into the flowers. This helps keep the weight and pressure of vehicles from cracking the edges.

Have Your Driveway's Edges Graded

If you do not have time to landscape or just want a plain look to your driveway, you can also have the edges graded by a contractor. When the edges are graded, they slope down at a gentle angle, helping to protect the edges in two ways.

First, the slope drains water off the surface of the driveway and minimizes its damaging effects on the asphalt. Second, when you have the edges graded, the angle distributes the weight on the asphalt so that one part of the edge does not bear all of it. So, when someone drives over the edge, there is not a top corner that takes all of the pressure that could make it crumble.

Using one of the above protective methods for your driveway's edges can keep them from getting damaged. If you decide to have the edges graded or want more ideas, contact your asphalt paving contractor to discuss your options. For more information, contact a service like http://www.lakeridgepaving.com