2 Tips For Painting Your Home In The Heat Of Summer

21 August 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Painting your home in the summer presents a few unique challenges. The summer heat can cause your paint to dry too quickly as you work and can compromise the quality of your paint as well. You can prevent these things from happening by employing a few summer painting tips.

#1 Time Your Painting With The Sun

You don't want to be painting your home when the sun is beating down directly on your work area. When the sun is beating down directly on your work area, the paint will dry at an accelerated rate. This can cause streaks to develop as your paint dries before you are able to put down the next layer of paint.

To prevent this, work on areas of your home that are shaded. Pay attention to where and when the sun hits your home. Move your supplies around so your work areas is always shaded.

Another way to combat the heat of the sun is to get an early start. Get outside nice and early in the morning, when the sun is just coming up. Painting during the early hours when the sun is not as intense will allow you to get more work done before you have to be more conscious of the location of the sun.

#2 Protect Your Paint Containers From The Sun

Another risk of painting during the summer is that all that heat outside can cause the water that is in your paint to evaporate. This can change the consistency of your paint and compromise its overall quality.

Keep The Paint Buckets Somewhere Cool

There are a few things you can do to protect your paint. Keep the paint buckets in a cool place away from the sun, such as inside of your garage or inside of the entryway of your home. This will help keep the paint you are not using nice and cool.

Add Ice To Your Liners

Before you transfer paint into your paint bucket or paint tray, put down a layer of ice-cubes and then put the liner on top of the ice cubes. Pour the paint on top of the liner. The ice-cubes will help keep your paint cool and will provide your paint with the water moisture it needs as water slowly evaporates out of your paint as you work.

Use Some Paint Extender

You can also purchase a paint extender when you purchase your paint. This is added into your paint and is designed to allow you to cover a greater area with less paint. It also combats against heat-related evaporation of water from your paint, which can compromise the long-term quality of your paint.

Be sure to work with the sun and not against it, and take steps to prevent your paint from getting too hot and losing water before you apply it to your home.