It Takes Time: From Greatest To Least, Kitchen Renovation Project Durations

16 November 2017
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Kitchen renovations can be both exciting and challenging. Mostly, they are time-consuming. Some aspects of the renovation take more time than others. Before you get started on your project, let's assume that you are attempting to DIY this major project, and that you do not have to go to a day job during the day. Then you will see more clearly how long it takes to complete the following projects, from the greatest to least amount of time.


If you get started on the demolition of the cabinets and the flooring, you can have the kitchen gutted in about two to three days. You will need a giant dumpster to collect all of the old cabinet wood and the flooring. Also, you should decide in advance if you are going to rip out flooring down to the most base layer, or if you are just ripping up a layer or two.

That generally depends on whether or not you have mold underneath the layers of flooring, or the layers you leave behind are just generally nasty. If you have more than one helper, you can expect to shorten the demolition by about a day. You cannot shorten the time much more because of having to move and work around each other.


Installing flooring versus restoring flooring is another big decision you will have to make. If you are going to install flooring over the base layer, that may only take about a day. If you are going to restore the wood floor you uncovered, you can expect to spend up to two weeks sanding, filling cracks, sanding, coating with a stain, shellac, and or wood protectant, sanding again, and repeating the process until you can apply a clear top coat. Most DIY homeowners choose the former option for its simplicity and lesser consumption of time.

Cabinetry with RTA Cabinets

You can buy ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets and put them together yourself. Then you install them in your kitchen where and how you want them. Assembling them usually takes up to a week, depending on the size of your kitchen and the number of cabinets you bought. Installing them only takes a day to three days. Overall, you are looking at four to ten days to get cabinets into your kitchen.

Replacing and Redoing the Kitchen Plumbing

Oddly enough, the plumbing takes the least time of all. In four hours or less, you can replace all of the pipes and hoses. It is a good idea to do this before you install anything else.