Insight To Help You When Choosing To And Painting Your Home's Exterior

15 March 2018
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When your home's exterior is in need of an update or maintenance and repairs, it can be a good time to apply a new layer of paint. Painting your home can spruce up its appearance and help increase its value if you are considering putting it on the market for a sale. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when deciding to and painting your home's exterior.

Painting Your Home Exterior

Deciding whether or not your home exterior needs painting depends on the type of material your home exterior is covered with and its condition. If your home is a wood clapboard or siding, you will need to repaint it when the old paint begins to crack, peel, and fade. Replacing the old paint with a new layer provides your home's exterior with a continuous protection layer. Otherwise, your home's exterior will become rotten and deteriorate and will need its exterior wood replaced.

If your home is vinyl or aluminum siding, there are special formulated siding paint you can use to re-coat your home and change the color of without replacing the siding. This option is a good choice when you dislike the color of your home and want to update it.

If your home is a brick or stucco exterior, you can paint its surfaces to give your home a new look. Keep in mind that by painting your brick, if you ever want to go back to natural colored brick on your home you will need to have it removed by professionals by sandblasting it from the exterior.

Prepare the Exterior

If you choose to paint your home, look at its exterior condition to decide if it needs any repair work before you apply paint. If there is wood trim around windows or along the roof line, for example, that has become rotted from moisture and ultraviolet damage, you will need to repair it by replacement or hire a professional to complete it properly.

Peeling paint on your home's exterior should be scraped and removed from your home. You can use a pressure washer to remove old paint and clean the home's exterior of any dirt, mold, mildew, and other residues. Applying a solution of trisodium phosphate  (TSP) with your cleaning method will help to remove difficult residues. Be sure to wear protective gloves and goggles if you use TSP.

The size of your home can determine if you need to hire a professional painter to complete the work. A home that is more than one story, contains dormers, gables, and intricate details may require you to hire a professional. When scaffolding is required to reach higher elevated surfaces or the ground around your home is sloped steeply, it is best to leave the painting to a professional, such as Thompson Painting.