Building A New Barn? Why Post Frame Construction Is The Only Choice

13 June 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When it comes to farm living there's nothing like a good barn to make things flow much more smoothly on your property. The barn is the perfect place to keep your beloved animals and provide them with shelter from the frigid temperatures. If you're in the process of building a barn, you might be leaning toward going with a traditional stud-built structure. However, the better option is for you to use post-frame construction. Read through some of the benefits of post-frame barn houses and you'll start to see why it's the only choice for your next barn.

Post Frame Barns Make It Easier To Insulate

Building a barn with a stud-based foundation can be troublesome for a number of reasons. You will usually need to space the stud-laden posts very closely to each other if you expect the frame to stay in place. This leaves little room for adequate insulation. Your horses and other animals will have to pay the price when the weather is freezing, and they are in a poorly-insulated barn house.

Post frames are strong enough to be spaced at a distance from each other. All of that open space between the spokes provides the perfect place for you to bulk up on your insulation. Your barn will be nice and cozy for your animals regardless of how frightful the temperatures happen to be. 

Post Frame Barns Are The Affordable Choice

Unless you're looking to embark on a full-scale building project, it's in your best interest to opt for a post frame barn. Trying to construct a barn using older techniques often requires more manpower and materials. Paying for all of those hours of labor combined with purchasing the nails, bolts, wood, and all of the other pieces that go into getting your barn up can be extremely costly. 

Post frame barns can typically be fully finished in a fraction of the time that would be spent with other kinds of building methods. The posts interlock onto each other, so you'll find that even if you're not a skilled builder and maybe even don't have much experience it's still rather easy for you to get your barn up without busting your wallet to do it.

Post frame buildings are durable, long-lasting and provide you with the perfect balance of strength and portability. You might even find that you're able to take your barn down and easily relocate it when you move if you've opted for the post frame model!