Need a New Well? 4 Tips to Help You Prepare for Dig Day

12 April 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you're going to be having a new well installed in your yard, it's time to prepare for the project. A lot of advance planning should go into the process, especially if you want to avoid problems on dig day. Here are some tips that will help you avoid complications while your well is being installed.

Make Sure You Have Your Permits

Before dig day arrives, make sure you have all the right permits on hand. The site will be inspected throughout the project. If you don't have the necessary permits, work will be put into a forced stop, which will delay your much-needed well. To avoid those complications, talk to your city planner to ensure that you have all the permits you need. Once you have the permits, put them in a file and keep them in a safe place until dig day.

Remove Everything from Your Yard

Your well crew will need a lot of space while they're digging your new well. Because of that, it's crucial that you clear your yard prior to digging all day. All lawn furniture and kids toys should be put into storage until the project is completed. If you know the location of the dig, take the time to clear away the lawn, gardens or ground cover. That will provide your crew with a clear space to work. Not only that, but it will save valuable time if your crew doesn't have to do the clearing for themselves. It's also a good idea to rent a dumpster. That way, your well crew has ample space to discard debris during the project.

Send Your Kids and Pets Away for the Day

If you have pets and young children, arrange to send them away for the day. Well drilling is loud and dangerous, especially for pets and young children. Arrange to place your pets in a kennel for the day so that they aren't stressed out by all the sites and sounds associated with well digging. Sending your children to a friend or family members home will ensure that they can safely play outside while your well is being constructed.

Communicate with Your Neighbors

If you'll be having a new well installed, be sure to communicate with your neighbors. They'll need to know that there will be heavy equipment in the area for a few days, and that street-side parking may be limited during that time. Advanced communication will also prepare your neighbors for the extra noise they'll experience while your well is being dug.

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