3 Things To Consider About Your Home's Hot Water Heater

3 July 2019
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When it comes to hot water heaters, there are more options to choose from than you may realize. The type of water heater that works best for your home depends on a variety of factors including the size of your home and your water heating needs. Whether you are replacing your current water heater or having one put into a new home, there are various things that you should discuss with your contractor. Here are three things to consider when it comes to your hot water heater.

Your Options

The first thing that you will likely want to discuss with your contractor is your options when it comes to hot water heaters and which type will work best for your needs. Tank water heaters are the most common and typically hold 40, 50, or 55 gallons of water. Tankless water heaters heat water as you need it but are best for smaller homes or homes with lower hot water needs. Hybrid water heaters, as well as solar water heaters and condensing water heaters, are also available options. It's important to discuss your options in order to determine which type of hot water heater will meet your hot water needs.

The Cost

Another thing to consider is your budget. Like with any other appliance in your home, it's important to choose a water heater that meets your needs while also being affordable. It's important to strike a balance between choosing an option that produces an ample amount of hot water while not breaking your budget. On average, a new hot water heater will cost between $762 and $1,430. Typically, tankless water heaters are more expensive than tank water heaters. With installation, tankless water heaters cost around $3,000.


Once you purchase and have your water heater installed, regular care and maintenance is a must in order to keep it running for as long as possible. The lifespan of your water heater will vary depending on the type of water heater you have, how often it is used, and how well you care for it. Traditional tank water heaters last between 8 and 12 years, on average. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, are typically longer lasting. Their lifespan averages out to around 20 years. 

When it comes to your home's water heater, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, there are various types of hot water heaters to choose from. The one that works best for your needs will depend on your hot water needs and your budget. Costs can vary significantly depending on the water heater you choose. The lifespan of your new water heater can also vary depending on how well you maintain it and the type of water heater you have installed. 

For more information about your hot water heater, talk to a plumber.