Is Black A Good Garage Door Color For Your Home?

10 December 2019
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Your home needs a new garage door desperately, and you are totally fascinated with some of the cool modern designs. You have found your way to the right garage door style, you have narrowed down the hardware you like, and you think that maybe you have settled on the perfect color choice: black. Big and bold, black is a good color to choose for your garage door, and this color is showing up on a lot of homes all over the country. But is a black garage door an aptly fitting color choice for your home? Here are a few things to consider before you settle on black for certain. 

Black makes a demure fashion statement for your home. 

If you are all about making your home look distinguished among the rest of the homes in the neighborhood, a black garage door is an excellent choice. These doors automatically elevate the stylish appearance of the exterior of the house because they take up so much visual space. If you opt for a unique garage door style on top of the gorgeous black color, such as carriage style or bifold doors, you get something even more modern and fashionable. 

Black garage doors work best when complemented by other exterior features. 

If you are definitely going with a black garage door to replace the door you already have, make sure it will actually complement the outer appearance of your home and how it looks. For example, a black door looks pretty awesome and stately if it complements other exterior features, such as the following: 

  • A black iron railing around the house
  • A black entry door on the front porch
  • Black shutters alongside the windows
  • A black roof 

You can always implement these changes after the garage door is installed, but if you do not intend to, the door can look a little out of place if the rest of your home is trimmed in white. 

Black garage doors can show dust worse than a lighter color. 

If you have a gravel drive, have a dirt road nearby, or otherwise live in a dusty area, black garage doors can be a bit problematic. Black, as well as other darker colors, tend to show tiny particles of dirt quite easily because of the contrasting hues. It is important to consider all of this before you decide that black is the perfect color choice for your garage door. 

For more tips, reach out to a garage door service.