What Are Your Steel Building Repair Options?

5 March 2020
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Dealing with steel building repair issues can leave you scrambling for solutions. It's a good idea to learn what your steel building damage repair options may be, so let's look at them on a case-by-case basis.

Cut and Paste

In instances where there's a significant compromise to the materials, the wisest move if oftentimes to cut out the old stuff and put in new steel. This is usually best in situations where there are relatively small holes, limited rusting or damage in difficult creases, such as troughs and gutters. Edges of new materials may have to be sealed using epoxy, glue or other products, and they're frequently riveted in place, too.

New Panels

The amount of damage may be so extensive that whole panels have to be removed. Doing so entails popping out existing seams to make panels accessible. The old ones will be taken out, and fresh materials will be installed and secured in place. Especially in situations where rust is out of control, this may be ideal.

A Patch

If there's simply a hole in a spot, like you might see if a heavy tree branch goes through a wall or the roof, you may be able to patch over the hole. This presumes the surrounding materials are still in good shape. A panel that's larger than the hole will be placed over it, and it will be riveted in place. The seams will also be sealed.

Some cases may require quick patches. In times of extreme need, such as really bad weather that doesn't permit more extensive repairs, a rubber patch might be applied to the hole to seal it. When the weather improves, more aggressive work will be done to clean up the solution. This usually entails removing the rubber materials and doing the job with metal.

Coating Restoration

It may be possible to breathe some new life into existing panels. Potential solutions include electroplating, galvanization and sherardizing. Some cases may also lend themselves to cleaning with brushes followed by spraying a new protective coating or paint onto the surface.

Structural Work

Support beams, joists and rafters can also experience problems. Generally, these components have to be replaced in order to satisfy local safety laws. This may require the contractors to install temporary supports while they remove the existing structural elements and replace them. In cases where such work can't be done, the compromised section may have to be braced.

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