How Do You Know You Need Cedar Shake Roof Replacement?

17 March 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Cedar shake roofing may be one of the oldest types of roofing, but it still holds steady as one of the most resilient forms of material to protect the uppermost part of a home. If you have an older home with cedar shake roofing, you may be surprised by just how long the materials have withstood the many years of use. However, there will be a time when you need a roof replacement, even with cedar shake roofing. How do you know it is time to have a cedar shake roof replaced? Here are a few signs to watch out for so you know when to reach out to a professional for help. 

You are losing cedar shakes quite frequently. 

You may have issues with a random missing shingle with cedar roofing on occasion; some cedar shakes will deteriorate faster than others. Usually, however, single shakes are easy enough to replace, and the loss will not necessarily mean you need a roof replacement. What you do have to watch out for is if you are seeing lost shingles on a relatively consistent basis. For example, if you spot a missing shingle or two after a storm, realize a few more have made their way into your gutter a few days later, and then find even more missing shingles soon after, your full roofing system could be breaking down. This typically indicates the need for a roof replacement.

The shingles appear distorted, wavy, or curled. 

When the protective elements inside cedar wood start to break down, the structure of the wood also starts to deteriorate. When the fibers of the wood lose their shape, spread, or shrink, it can change the entire shape and structure of the shingles. You may notice that some cedar shakes seem to be distorted in appearance, have an almost wavy look to them, or even have edges that seem to curl upward toward the sun. If you see a large span of your cedar shake roof with these issues, roof replacement is imminent. 

You spot splits in a large number of shakes. 

One thing that tends to happen with older cedar shakes after years of exposure to the elements is that they will split in two. Typically, the split will occur right at the point where the fastener is holding the shake to the underlayment. Therefore, split shingles can easily work their way out of place after heavy precipitation or during high winds. Splits in cedar shakes may not always be obvious from the ground, however, unless you are losing a few shingles because of the damage. Therefore, if you suspect the roof is nearing the end of its life, having a professional assess the condition and determine if you need a full roof replacement can be a good idea.