Why Should You Have a Home Radon Tested Before Buying It?

17 April 2017
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When you find a home that you're interested in buying, the next step you should take is to have the home inspected. A home inspector will look over the house's foundation, roof, walls, and other major structures. They will also offer an array of add-on services, one of which will be radon testing. Some home buyers elect to skip this testing since the fact that it comes at an extra fee makes it seem less important. Read More 

Tips For Choosing The Ideal Spot For Your New Horse Barn

31 October 2016
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According to the Equestrian Channel, there are around 9.2 million horses living in the United States. You've finally realized a lifelong dream and have purchased a plot of land and want to provide a home for your own horse. However, before you begin hiring a horse barn builder, it is vital to choose the ideal spot. When it comes to finding just the right spot to build your horse barn, you might be surprised at how many variables you must consider. Read More 

Repair Or Replace: Options For Restoring The Windows In Your Antique Home

12 September 2016
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One of the main concerns for homeowners when it comes to older homes are windows that are original to the home. These windows could have seen years of abuse, including cut cords, missing weights, paint that seals the window shut, or broken panes and sashes. Antique windows are made with superior craftsmanship, but modern home buyers are concerned about energy efficiency and ease of use. Here is a guide to help you know if you can repair your old windows or if you'll need to replace them. Read More 

Adopting a Great Pyrenees? What Are Your Best Fencing Options?

25 July 2016
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If you've recently added an intelligent and playful Great Pyrenees to your family, you may be excited about giving a home to this gentle giant. Allowing this large breed adequate room (and time) to run outside is crucial to his or her physical and mental health. However, failure to install an adequate fence could allow your Pyr to escape and begin roaming the neighborhood, potentially triggering a call to your local animal control agency or even placing other animals in danger. Read More 

Afraid To Open Your Bakery’s Electric Bills During Summer Months? What Are Your Options?

13 June 2016
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If you struggle with the need to keep your bakery employees cool during the hot summer months but don't want to send a quarter's worth of profits to the utility company, you may be wondering whether you have any options short of shutting down the ovens during summer. Fortunately, technological advances have made it easier than ever before to keep your bakery employees cool and comfortable without using a disproportionate amount of electricity. Read More